Monday, March 14, 2011

Question? Help me out bloggers....

Salam! :)

Does anyone know if having a baby erases your previous sins?!!
I heard taking your shahada, Hajj and having a baby does but I can't find it anywhere on the internett -.-! sfjhdsf. ( my sign of frustration) At first I was just curious & now that I can't find it, its bothering me.. Lol so If anyone knows pleaseee throw me a comment on this post! Or if I find out before I get a reply I'll make a post about what erases major sins! InshaAllah.

Btw: I'm currently chillen with my mother in law watching some arabic t.v (which I
have no idea what their saying but she translates) they showed a
Quran that is written with all Gold 24 carats. Its worth a 100million or some crazy amount. This dude plans to give it to the Saudi King. Like he really needs the gold....straight up materalistic world. SubhanaAllah. My MIL said its all politics, trying to create a better relationship so they can gain somethhing & i can't agree more. Two things came to mind when I saw that: 1. Wow, mashaAllah, can't deny its shiny!!! haha 2. Mann...were all going to be asked about our wealth. How we obtained it & how we spent it. 3.There are people poor, sick and dying that could benifet wayyyy more. Ehh. Their the ones that are going to have to answer for their deeds not mee. Alhamdlilah


  1. Hi There! :)

    I have no idea about the baby part, but I do agree with what you said about the golden Quran. SubhanAllah, modesty is a very important virtue in Islam, and that doesn't only count for clothing! We should feed the poor and the orphans, instead of indulging in such luxuries. May God guide us all, amien!

  2. Heyyy.. salaam!

    Man lol I still can't find the answer =//
    -Exactlyyy, && it doesn't matter how much we have as long as we give. That 1$ we give the mosque could contain more barakah(blessings) then a 1000$ another person gives. Intentions are just as if not more important then actions. Ameeeen to your dua! Jazakallahkhair for reading


Jazak Allah Khair =)