Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Liberation" lies in empty beer bottles


As I go back and forth in time
I realize all that I have left behind
The dead weight that promised me all that this life could offer
It blind sided me and manifested into disaster after disaster
Oppression and blood shed, wide spread
Showing the whole world through smoke filled glasses

What appeared to be luring and attractive was nothing more
than twisted words that coexisted
They say liberation lies in empty beer bottles and intoxication
Not worrying about their self-preservation or even their salvation
To be truly free is to be filled with impurities and
mind altering states of so called "remedies"

You're self worth is defined by how many stares you get
Undressing you with their eyes as you adhere and smile to this criminal disgrace
There's no trace of modesty its a shame, reveal your body and put yourself up on display
Easily falling into temptation, shedding any amount of dignity left for a moment of sensation
Just 1 becomes 10 and I'm just talking about drinks. I'm talking about men.

With the ever lasting distractions
Enjoying the entertainment, idle talk and devils play.
Satisfaction is attained by the crude jokes and their impermissible ways
As they try to put the youth to sleep. Don't wake up, keep relaxing,
remain in your old ways
As time goes by, still chasing the illusion of happiness
Only causing the heart confusion and delusion
As the soul of humanity decomposes as all our morals decay and quickly fade away
As the faithful turn a blind eye. Voices remain silenced when the truth is shackled and chained
Its a tragedy that negatively affects us and ultimately will be the humiliation of our society.

"Nothing in the Universe has been created for idle sport and vain objectives.
Falsehood will vanish and the Truth will prevail [Quran] (21:16-18)."