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TAWHEED #1- Explanation of The Three Fundamental Principles -Shaykh Ahmad Jibril

TAWHEED #1- Explanation of The Three Fundamental Principles/ Outline Notes   -Shaykh Ahmad Jibril 

Brief introduction: First Classical Study
"Whoever seeks knowledge in a lumpsome over night, that knowledge leaves him in a lumpsome. Knowledge is supposed to be attained slowely over days & nights. Knowledge needs patience, persistance and takes time. " -Ibn Shihab's statement on taking knowledge in a lump sum.
Knowledge will get difficult be patience. Alkhateeb Albaghdady narrates the story of the man who seen water dripping on a stone. A man found knowledge of hadith very difficult. He became discouraged and wanted to give up. He found himself walking and he observed water dripping unto stone. He noticed the stone had a dent from where the water was dripping for a certain period of time. He reflected on his condition. He thought to himself, "Water is so light and it effected the stone as hard as it was. Knowledge is lighter than water and my heart isn't as hard as a heart."

Becoming a student of knowledge has its own procedure.

*3 level of studying from a teacher:
1) Samaa Mubashir - direct from a Shiekh/teacher.
2) Wasitah - through a mediator
3) Wijadah - through a book

Studying through the internet is a level between the first and second, possibly closer or right under the first. Writing knowledge or taking notes is important. However if you could find a real Sheikh and are able to seek knowledge, do it. The salaf encouraged it. Those who do not write knowledge down aren't able to retain the information.

*Study of the Usool Thalatah beings.
The author starts with Bismallah Allah Alrahman Alraheem, called Basmallah:

1) The aspect of Taweed Al-uluhieh in mentioning Allah's name on anything.
When you say Bismillah Er-Rahman Er-Raheem what are you saying? What does this mean?
As a student of knowledge you are supposed to get the whole entire perspective of why you are saying Bismilliah before you start an activity? You are doing this because its exerting your entire tawheed to Allah on the matter you are saying Bismillah. Allah permits me to do this, if Allah did not allow me to do it I would have not done it. Ya Allah I am doing this for your sake. It's halal and permissiable.

2) The aspect of Taweed Ar-rububieh in mentioning Allah's name on anything. I could not have done this without the power he has given me. Who gave you the power to write? Allah gave you the power to write, when you say Bismillah it means, I cannot have done this without the power of Allah my hand would have been paralyzed. Bismillah, I have eaten because Allah has given me the provision, If it wasn't for Allah I wouldn't be able to eat. It's equivalant to saying:
لا حَوْلَ وَ لا قُوَّةَ اِلَّا بِاللّهِ - La Hawla wa la Quwatta illa Billah (There is no Might or Power except with Allah) That's why Allah say ,"Every provision you have is from Allah."

3) The aspect of Taweed asamaa wassifat in mentioning Allah's name on anything. Using the name of Allah to bless the act you're doing.

4) Arabic grammatical rule: When you say Bismallah it automatically implies your saying - Bismallah I drink in that order.
-Arabic language eliminates the need to mention the act your saying basmalah for.

5) 2nd grammatical rule in Bismallah: Why is it (Bismallah I eat) in that order and not (I eat Bismallah)?
                a) To bless your name by mentioning Allah's name prior to mentioning the act itself.
                b) In Arabic saying (Bismallah I eat) rather than (I eat Bismallah) limits the action solely for the sake of Allah and no one else.

6) Proof that it's permissible to start your writings with Basmalah.
7) General barakah and virtues on saying Bismallah for everything good.

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Who Am I?

For those who just started to follow me or came upon this blog by chance, let me give you a short bio of myself. I am half Arabic and half American. I grew up in a relatively American household and everything that goes along with those implications, holidays, practices etc. I never knew who are Beloved Prophet was nor did I know what Islam stood for. I grew up on Disney Channel and trying to follow the American culture. Only until recently, have I met my Arabic side of the family.My mother always told me there was One God, but thats as far as my religiousity went.  At the age of 16, I became interested in Islam. I went to community college at 17 and got involved in the MSA's. I was blessed to live in a Islamic community and was able to learn and distinguish what Islam stood for.  I am currently 21, married and have a child.

I haven't posted in quite a while, March of last year to be exact. However I have noticed that people still come and view my posts, Al-Hamdulilah. I don't really have anything in particular to post about. For me, I've been reading The Stories/Lives of the Prophets (peace be upon them all) in between Farah taking naps. My one in a half year old, going on twelve ;). Watching videos on YouTube, the usual. Not much of an update really. I don't have as much time as I want to dedicate to this blog or Islamic literature/lectures. However If anyone wants me to write about something in particular, or would like me to blog about certain things. Please shoot me a comment under this post. I would be more than happy to oblige. If it wasn't for the fact people come and read my posts, I would continue to be a silent blogger, just coming here on occasion. So If you want me to come out of hiding, let me know :-)!

JazakAllah Khairan Ya'll!

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Pregnancy and Niagra falls= not a good mix! Funnyy story!

Salaaaam!! :)

During the 1st trimester -You're not sick so don't only consume soup/gator aid/Popsicle's! In the beginning I kept treating my morning sickness as if it was a cold. haha all I wanted was soup and all that did was make me more nauseous. Its just morning sickness try eating those preggie pops or ginger to calm it down, eat light meals.

-Don't go on any boats! (trust me not a good idea)! Made that mistake when I went the Maid of the Mist boat ride in Niagara falls. Funny story hubby asked me if I was up to going on it..&& of course I wanted too! That was one of the main attractions at the Falls. Correction-going on the water to look at the falls is the attraction! haha. I quickly agreed got in line, put the little blue rain coat over my head and waited with anticipation to get on. I climbed up the stairs and went on the top part of the boat (to make sure I saw everything)! *Bad idea #2 lool. The first few minutes weren't so bad. But after 10minutes into it & waves hitting the boat making it shake all over the place. It was all over for me. I felt horribly nauseas my face went pale. I had to lay my head on one hand as the other hand was holding on the boat. My hubby kept telling me to look at the falls. As much as I wanted to before at this point all I wanted to do is jump off the boat and swim back to land. (really, at one point I thought that). && Apparently some guy asked his girl to marry him right behind us and I didn't even notice!!

-Things you can do before you got pregnant isn't necessarily the same things you can do after. Example #1 above. Before I never got any motion sickness but it was still the first trimester and my stomach was still weak.

-skip ahead 5-6 months later. I was huge and was a walking kangaroo. Don't try to wear yourself out at this stage. Its too late in the game. A walk in the grocery store after a hour or so wore me out!!!! Literally I would have to take a nap after and If I didn't I was crankkyyy! (btw;I didn't really exercise regularly) So if you do then you shouldn't have a problem but still take it easy on yourself.
--picture above isn't my babyyy but mashaAllah whataaa cutie :)!!