Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pregnancy and Niagra falls= not a good mix! Funnyy story!

Salaaaam!! :)

During the 1st trimester -You're not sick so don't only consume soup/gator aid/Popsicle's! In the beginning I kept treating my morning sickness as if it was a cold. haha all I wanted was soup and all that did was make me more nauseous. Its just morning sickness try eating those preggie pops or ginger to calm it down, eat light meals.

-Don't go on any boats! (trust me not a good idea)! Made that mistake when I went the Maid of the Mist boat ride in Niagara falls. Funny story hubby asked me if I was up to going on it..&& of course I wanted too! That was one of the main attractions at the Falls. Correction-going on the water to look at the falls is the attraction! haha. I quickly agreed got in line, put the little blue rain coat over my head and waited with anticipation to get on. I climbed up the stairs and went on the top part of the boat (to make sure I saw everything)! *Bad idea #2 lool. The first few minutes weren't so bad. But after 10minutes into it & waves hitting the boat making it shake all over the place. It was all over for me. I felt horribly nauseas my face went pale. I had to lay my head on one hand as the other hand was holding on the boat. My hubby kept telling me to look at the falls. As much as I wanted to before at this point all I wanted to do is jump off the boat and swim back to land. (really, at one point I thought that). && Apparently some guy asked his girl to marry him right behind us and I didn't even notice!!

-Things you can do before you got pregnant isn't necessarily the same things you can do after. Example #1 above. Before I never got any motion sickness but it was still the first trimester and my stomach was still weak.

-skip ahead 5-6 months later. I was huge and was a walking kangaroo. Don't try to wear yourself out at this stage. Its too late in the game. A walk in the grocery store after a hour or so wore me out!!!! Literally I would have to take a nap after and If I didn't I was crankkyyy! (btw;I didn't really exercise regularly) So if you do then you shouldn't have a problem but still take it easy on yourself.
--picture above isn't my babyyy but mashaAllah whataaa cutie :)!!

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