Monday, March 7, 2011

Arab revolution

SubhanaAllah I would always make Dua that Allah would grant victory to the Muslims and liberate them from the oppressors the corrupt leaders and replace them with pious ones...

The Arab Revolution in the Middle East is something I never thought I would see with my own eyes. (Never doubt the power of dua) Its been a domino effect, and it all started with the Tunisian people that wanted their rights and their freedom. To see the ground shifting beneath those power hungry munafiqeen brings joy to my heart. Those so called "leaders" will get everything they deserve whether its in this life or the here after.
At the moment all eyes are on the Middle East and in more recent news, Libya. InshaAllah the UN will step up to the plate and help out the Libyan people. Theres all this talk about the "No fly zone" and whether or not the U.S should come to the aid of the opposition. While the conversation continues more and more blood flow from the streets. Al-Hamdulilah at one hand I know as a Muslim those people who fought for Allahs Cause will only be granted the highest of pleasures in Jennah. But at the same time it angers me that action hasn't been swift enough. This is a humanitarian issue, thousands of people are being brutally murdered while the whole world watches. I fully understand the U.N and other governments are trying to approach the situation in a cautious manner. We don't want Iraq part2 that's forsure!
InshaAllah all the munafiq leaders are removed! And I hope the Muslims all come together under the banner of La ilaha illa Allah wa-Muhammad rasul Allah and free Palestine as well. First and foremost I put my trust in Allah and believe whole heartily Allah will grant victory to the Muslims whether its in my lifetime or not.

I'll make a post later about baby Farah and life with her. It's 5:51 am and I'm about to go to sleep finally.

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