Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm Extreme?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
I have been called an "Extremist" three time's in the past 6months!
SubhnAllah. And worst of all they were all Muslims! It really shows the influence of the Kuffar and the way society as a whole has effected our mindset. So here are the reasons why I got called that...

1, I looked more deeply into the history of Valentines Day and found out its origins are from a disgusting pagan ritual =0. And I didn't want to practice such a holiday. Even though it completely s transformed over the centuries from what it used to be. I still find no point, it's just a way for hallmark and companies to take advantage of people's "love". && If you truly love someone show them that everyday not just take them out one day out of the year lol.

Their Response, "I think this is too extreme everyone needs to stop over thinking everything. If I'm going look at the history behind everything i enjoy its just going to depress me. no thank"

2, I was talking to my friend about wearing the Niqab and what they they about it. While differant schools of thought differ on whether its "Wajib" or optional. I think its optional and a act of worship to get closer to Allah. And If you feel like there's still fitna when you wear the Hijab and you want to protect your modesty than it's very encourage to wear it. [ I don't wear niqab but just my opinion about it (: maybe one day.]

Their Response, "That's too extreme, just wear a long shirt and loose fitting pants. Not the kind your drowning in but that looks good and fits properly. And In places like Yemen it's more of a cultural thing, women wear the niqab because everyone else does. As soon as they get on the airplane they take it off =0!!!


  1. Salaam ukhti!!

    1. Valentines day is definitely haraam to celebrate and I don't know why people still think it is acceptable. There are 365 days in a year and they have to celebrate on that day itself!

    2. Haha, I hate it when people say niqaab is a 'cultural' thing! It is not!! There was once, a sister questioned me why I wanted to wear it when it was practised by Arab women who lived in the desert to cover their face so that sand does not get blown in their faces. I went back, and read up on it and saw that it was actually mentioned in a number of hadiths about how Prophet's wives wore it not because sand was blowing into their faces! Oh, funny thing is that, she even said niqaab isn't a sunnah and I shouldn't even say it is a sunnah because it is a strong word to use. Hmmm.. I don't know if I am confused or she is..

    3. I am not sure if I agree with you on this point. A rich man would probably not consider a Mercedes Benz a luxury car but to others who are not financially able, even a second hand car may be seen as luxurious to him. So I think we cannot apply the same yardstick to everyone.

    To me, if the person has given zakat and occassionally gives charity, and at the end of the day, if he still has excess money because Allah has blessed him with that, I don't see a reason why he cannot purchase a nice luxurious car if he worked hard for it.

    I know of a friend's father who contributes a lot to the Muslim society- his time and especially money masyaAllah but because of his hard work, he can afford to drive a Mercedes Benz.

    I have seen some people in my country who plan such big weddings but in actual fact, the money used to pay for their grand celebration is usually a loan from bank. Now, that is something I disagree because you should spend within your means.

    Well those are just my opinions sis. I just came back from sandboarding so I'm really tired and the brain isn't functioning that well =X Lol..

    And no sister, you are not extreme at all! I realised that whenever you want to improve yourself especially in your deen, there will always be people around you who will say all these. So I'd say, stick to what you believe in and ignore those comments because it is not worth trading your Hereafter for something you know is haraam.

    Sis Asha

  2. It really depends on what the people who judge you define 'extreme' as. To you it's a way of living life, and you believe that it's right for and will benefit you. Other people don't have the right to judge you in the first place but sadly they do, and sadly it's in the human's nature that we let that judgment affect us.

  3. Assalam Alaikum Light of Islam!

    It's just surprising that the people who called you extreme were Muslims??? But you're doing the right thing and Allah knows that.

    Lots of love <3

  4. I think the definition of extreme will be different for each person. Not everyone is capable of making the same amount of effort in gaining nearness to Allah.

  5. Wa Alakyam salam SubhanAllah Asha, I never heard that one before (wear niqab so sand won't get in their eye's ;0) haha. I don't know if its sunnah but there are a lot of hadiths that state the Prophets wifes wore it (May Allah be pleased with them). But inshAllah i'll look in to and let you know .And yeah extr. large weddings you can't even afford and use riba is definitely not something i'm in favor for. And about the whole luxurious car I honestly don't think its haram but Its just something I personally wouldn't do. Just my opinion, and my friend was just over reacting like I was saying something in a different language lol. But I can see where your coming with all that. Exactly, there will always be someone labeling/criticizing you, you just can't let it effect you. I just thought it was hilarious that you start trying to change for the better and people aren't used to the way your thinking they pass judgments. But yes its a very normal thing and everyone does it. Thankk you all for your comments =)! Jazak Allah Khair!


Jazak Allah Khair =)