Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pregnant and Egypt

40 weeks
4 days
=Still pregnant!

The anticipation is killing me! SubhanaAllah pregnancy and labor is so individual. I've been reading all these different website and articles on the process and signs. And it just seems like you can have "Sign A" but that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to go into labor, "Sign B" is a good indicator things are going to progress soon however it might be a couple hours, days or weeks. I like to be prepared and some what in control of things. I mean I packed my labor bag like a month ago so you can imagine. In all honestly I need to just relax and be patient right? In the end Allah(Swt) has a planned date and time for her to arrive.
Patience, patience, patience :L (idk what kind of smiley that is but that's how I feel ha)

As far as names go I picked one out but its not a definite thing. I want to be able to see her and decide what would fit her best. My mother in law keeps telling me "When the baby comes, so does their name". So we shall wait and see IA.

In other news I've been checking the internet and TV on Egypt every day these past couple weeks. Al-Hamdulilah I'm so happy Mubarak finally stepped down. The dude was 82years old, come on it's about time. I must say he tried to cling on the little power he had. I can't wait and see what other Islamic countries are going to do. Viva la revolution. InshAllah all the corrupt leaders will be kicked out and truly pious ones emerge and take their place. It's about time change has happened. May Allah give victory to the Muslims and uplift oppression from the tyrant rulers.


  1. aww sweetie, you must be really excited. Congrats to you. Insha'Allah may you have a safe and quick delivery.

  2. just fell upon your blog. May Allah ST make it easy for you. Walking is good, very good and Zikhar is relaxing. All will be well. I am a mother of 2. We have been watching news on Egypt. See what one person can acheive.


Jazak Allah Khair =)