Thursday, April 29, 2010

Advice to myself

Sometimes being honest is hard to do it especially when it comes to yourself. Emotions make the whole process even harder! :( One minute you're "feeling" one way and the next it the total opposite. That's why you have to make a concrete decision with your mind first then the emotions follow. Allah controls the heart & everything else and that in itself is the best reassurance one could ask for, Al-Hamdulilah.

  • Stop following "feelings" -emotions, egos, pride
  • Stop following "friends"
  • Stop following "whats cool"
*Follow Rabbil 'alameen (Lord of the worlds)

I know how I feel will just pass and I will remain with what I have. So I have to develop a critical eye to what is suitable & would cause the best outcome. I don't want to just go through life I want to get the most out of it. I want to truly live and if that makes a person selfish so let it be. A person must be confident and strong within themselves before they can pursue any dream. -Constantly look back and see if whatever that may be is still what you want.

I'm in a weird stage in my life. I'm in this in between, finding/creating myself. Going through the waves and seeing what keeps me a float. May Allah guide me through these words and duas. && guide the rest of the Ummah. Ameen.


  1. Asalamu aliakum, sis,

    I just landed on your blog and took a quick look. ma'shaAllah, it seems like a very beneficial blog :)Jazaki Allah koli khair.

    All the best to you as you 'pursue your dreams', inshaAllah.

  2. salam ukhti..
    i know it is hard to stick to being a TRUE and COMMITED Muslim. we've got so many unhealthy influences from the media, friends, etc. it's like fighting the flow.
    i totally understand how you feel. i know it is hard. but as long as we keep praying Allah for guidance and assistance, insyaAllah sis..insyaAllah He will send us His Help.
    just keep believing..and keep leave all your Jahiliyyah and adopt a new bi'ah (surrounding) that could make you closer to Allah..
    nice knowing you sis..may we see each other in Jannah insyaAllah..


Jazak Allah Khair =)