Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tortured, Lies and Wrongly Imprisoned yet and unwavering Faith.

Ahmed Abu Ali may be among the few Muslim men today that posses the patience of Ayub and the nobility and resilience of Musa. He can teach our generation deep lessons about full faith and trust in the One Almighty God. Justice is near, brother. Praying for you and your family. May Allah SubhanAllah Wa Tala hasten his release and grant him and his family patience...Allahum Ameen.

His story is one of many:
Ahmed Abu Ali was born in 1981 in Houston, Texas and grew up in Falls Church, Virginia. In the summer of 2003, when Ahmed was only 22 years old, he was taking final exams in a Saudi Arabian university, and looking forward to returning home to his family in Northern Virginia for the summer.

But Abu Ali did not come home. Instead, Saudi law enforcement authorities forcibly removed him from his classroom and imprisoned him for twenty months-without charges or access to a lawyer. Later, After his family filed a habeas requesting his return, and the judge had ordered a partial discovery, Abu Ali did return to Virginia - but to face federal charges of conspiracy to aid and abet terrorism. Consider, first, that all of Abu Ali's alleged co-conspirators are unnamed. Some, it seems, have been convicted in connection with other Alexandria "terrorism" cases as well. Their "cooperation" with prosecutors could lead to reductions in their long sentences.

Consider, too, that typically, a conspiracy charge requires not just talk, but an "overt act." And here, the only acts the government alleges are purchases of a cell phone and a laptop.
So this case is really about talk. Yet much of the government's evidence regarding what Abu Ali allegedly talked about, comes from his interrogation by his Saudi captors and FBI agents, in a Saudi prison - interrogation that was not only unconstitutional, but interrogations where he was beaten and tortured.

Abu Ali was interrogated by the Saudis without any of the safeguards that Americans are afforded in U.S. court. He did not have the right to an attorney. He was not informed of his Miranda rights. And he was not protected against coercive self-incrimination. Additionally, a torture expert examined him and pronounced that he had been lashed and physically beaten.
Yet American prosecutors used Abu Ali's coerced "confession" against him in an American court. How did this happen?The Practice Of Unconstitutional U.S. Interrogations In Foreign Prisons Must End. Abu Ali's shocking treatment is the first that tests the notion that Americans can be imprisoned abroad by their government, interrogated by foreign and domestic law enforcement, and be denied all rights as coercive confessions are obtained to be used against them in a U.S. court. Although Ahmed is currently serving an untold number of years in prison, when convicting him, The Honorable Judge Gerald Bruce Lee pointed out that Ahmed's actions “did not result in one single actual victim.”"AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL CONCLUDED THAT THE TRIAL OF US CITIZEN AHMED ABU ALI WAS FLAWED AS IT FAILED TO CONSIDER EVIDENCE ABOUT TORTURE IN SAUDI ARABIA."

His story is heart wrenching and the worst thing about it all is everyone knows he isn't the only one. There are thousands of our brothers/sisters going through the same trials.
Please make dua for him and every brother/sister struggling for the sake of Allah. For more information about his statements in court click here

"A more firm conviction of faith and trust in Allah I have not seen in our generation. Be well Ahmed, help is indeed near and justice will prevail."


  1. SubhanAllah, so sad. :(

    And mashaAllah, his recitation is very sweet!

  2. This story made me cry. What a lesson in patience! I will make dua for him and hs family and thank you for sharing. Love you dearly!

    PS-Cute layout!

  3. I know Sir Adib it brought me to tears! May Allah hasten his release!

    I agree yasemin, your to sweet. JazakAllah Khair


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