Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The heart racing feeling while you pray

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

I was thinking after Fajr, really contemplating about my experience with praying. Truly it’s a experience everytime you humble yourself in front of Allah. When you’re performing it the right away, Allah enlightens your heart. You might start assuming I’m talking about the Sunnah prayers and the etiquette of it. That’s a big part of it but that’s not whats really important. There’s something beyond that which holds a far greater weight with Allah. It’s being mindful of Subhana wa Tala, devoting those 5-10 minutes of salaat completely to Allah. In Arabic the term is Khushuu. Not allowing any distractions and being consciously aware. It's the presence of the heart during and act of Ibadah. When a persons heart is fully occupied with what he say or hears, is the true state of Khushuu.
Indeed, The believers, who have Khushuu in their Salaat, are the winners."
Holy Quran (23:1-2)
Being overwhelmed with the eloquent and beautiful words of the Quran. A power so exhilarating it runs thick through your veins. When your eyes began to flow with tears with joy. This sensation filled with so much emotion I couldn’t put it into words if I sat here for a million years trying to.

Coming to this realization it struck fear in my heart. How many times do we have this great awakening experience? Once in a while, at Friday Prayer after a Khutbah about death? Here and there when we really feel up to it. Just stop and think really ask yourself how often does this happen to you? Are we people that are constantly mindless in our prayers. We go through the motions without taking anything in. It’s as if its pure recitation without reflection, what benefit is that to us? Allah describes these people as hypocrites;

Indeed, the hypocrites [think to] deceive Allah, but He is deceiving them. And when they stand for prayer, they stand lazily, showing [themselves to] the people and not remembering Allah except a little, The Holy Quran Chapter 4, Verse 142

Some people go there whole entire life praying and there’s not a ounce of sincerity in it. They didn’t get anything from it besides a good exercise. You think if you just go through the Rakahs without really remembering Allah you’ll be able to feel this? As a Muslim we should always strive to gain the pleasures of Allah. Living the Quran, perfecting our Salaah and following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).


  1. Masha Allah! Beautiful post. There's a story I've heard of a man who's prayed for 60 years and not one of his prayers were being accepted. A thing that greatly helps me when I'm praying is to ponder over the meanings of what I'm reciting...

  2. Jazak Allah Khair Sister. Why wasn't his prayers being accepted? MashAllah, yeah that always a great way to help you get Khushu!! Or even thinking about praying next to the Prophets (AS) and thinking this could be your last prayer.


Jazak Allah Khair =)