Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Being a Muslim Really Means..

Bismillah Raham eh Raheem

What does being Muslim mean? Not the fundamental extremist the media try’s to display but the real Islamic teachings of the Quran. Does it mean to proclaim shahada "La illah ha il Allah Ashadu anna Muhammadan Rasulu'llah” That there is No god but Allah (SWT) and Prophet Muhammed was his last and final Messenger than that's it? You go home and sleep in your bed and say okay, I'm a Muslim now?

*Abdur-Rahman Bin Hasan Al Ashaikh really sums it up (may Allah’s mercy be upon him) said: "It is not enough to claim to be a Muslim or to verbally declare ‘La ilaha illallah’. What Islam really means is to assert Allah (swt)’s Oneness and submit fully to Him in terms of Lordship and worship both theoretically and practically.

It's not just saying the words with your tongue but by living the words with your every action. It's a complete way of life, a guide for all humanity. A change in our perspective as to the way we see the world. A transformation of the inside. While our bad habits go away a pious and beautiful personality emerges. It’s a challenge everyday but one worth fighting for. Unfortunately though at times that's not the case, people claiming to be a Muslim. Yet in reality they couldn't be farther from the truth. They mix culture with Islam even when they contradict each other. A lot of people change their religion to fit their life while a true Believer changes his life to fit his religion. Some are even creating their own, Astagfurallah(I seek refugee in Allah).

We see this take place every day. People proclaim religion to do unjustifiably acts or they use it to loosely. Either way this isn’t someone who is guided rightly. Which if I might add, why it's so important not to judge a Muslim and think everyone else is like that!! Subhana Allah (Glory to Allah), would we not be insulting our own intelligence if we do that? Allah blessed us with a brain and a mind so we could seek out knowledge. A real Muslim doesn’t have a false since of pride in his heart. We are all Allah’s creations.

Are whole purpose of life is to worship and submit to the All Mighty Creator. It is our duty and our commandment. Sometimes people might praise others or look upon them in high regards. That’s good to a certain degree it also depends on how the person takes it. If you see the person as a role model and you desire to be like them that’s acceptable and encouraged. When used the wrong way I feel as if it’s a false statement ( of course depending on each situation). Your praising them for the following the commands of Allah? For merely doing what they were born to do. When that happens people are susceptible to allowing false pride to enter their heart's. We didn’t come into existence for any other reason.

"I did not create the Jinn and mankind except to worship Me" [Surah Ad-Dhariyat, 51:56]

I ask Allah that we are of those who do not have false pride. May we be of those who protect themselves from any kind of evil. On a macro level or micro. Ameen. As a Muslim we know why we were created. A lot of people in this world are walking around aimlessly. They put their trust in other things rather than God. And they wonder what went wrong. When you do that, your asking for failure. They get upset when something happens. They start complaining, why did this happen? What was the reason? Is this a mindset of those who have intellect? They don’t know 6 steps ahead while Azzawajal know's whats befor us and after us. When you put your trust in Allah, it’s beyond your expectations. And beyond anything your mind can comprehend.


  1. Masha Allah. This is a great post! I love the last paragraph. Ameen. :,)


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