Friday, December 25, 2009

Eight Things to Learn

One time a scholar asked one of his students, "You have spent a long time with me, what have you learned?"

He said I learned eight things:

First, I looked to the creation. Everyone has a loved one. When he goes to the grave, he leaves his loved one. Therefore, I made my loved one my good deeds; that way, they will be with me in the grave.

Second, I looked to the verse, "But as for him who feared to stand before his Lord and restrained his soul from lust," therefore, I struggled against my desires so I could stay obeying Allah.

Third, I saw that if anyone has something with him that is worth something, he will protect it. Then I thought about the verse,"That which you have is wasted away; and that which is with Allah remains," therefore, everything worth something with me I devoted to Him so it would be with Him for me.

Fourth, I saw the people seeking wealth, honor and positions and it was not worth anything to me. Then I thought about Allah's words, "Lo, the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most aware of Allah, so I did my best to become aware of Allah in order to gain nobility in his sight.

Fifth, I saw the people being jealous towards each other and I looked at the verse, "We have apportioned among them their livelihood in the life of the world", so I left jealousy.

Sixth, I saw the people having enmity and I thought about the verse, "Lo, the devil is an enemy for you, so take him as an enemy", so I left enmity and I took the Satan as my only enemy.

Seventh, I saw them debasing themselves in search of sustenance and I thought about the verse, "And there is not a beast in the earth but the sustenance thereof depends on Allah", so I kept myself busy with my responsibilities toward Him and I left my property with Him.

Eighth, I found them relying on their business, buildings and health and I thought about the verse, "And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, He will suffice him", therefore, I put my trust only on Allah.

Translated by: Jamal Zarabozo


  1. MashaAllah, first, third and sixth touched me a lot. JazakAllah khair for sharing and its great to see you posting again. :)

  2. SubhanAllah what a wonderful reminder sis - Jazakum Allah Khair :)

  3. SubhanaAllah I agree Adib! Wa Iyyaki. && yeahh I have a lot of material to share I just haven't been on blogger for a while! But you will def. see some coming soon, inshaAllah. JazakAllah khair for reading!

    -Nida! Wa Iyyaki! Al-Hamdulilah I'm glad you liked it!

  4. these are wonderful lessons...Masha'Allah

    JazakAllah khair for the post

  5. Such behavior is wise to the Quran, Hatim El Assam was a great Suffi and who has applied the verse surah n0 29 (SAD)

    29. (This is) a blessed Book which we have revealed unto thee, that they may ponder over its verses, and that Men of Intelligence think!



Jazak Allah Khair =)